Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning

We are proud to offer canine rehabilitation and conditioning here at VVH. As with physical therapy for people, canine rehabilitation can be used for a number of conditions. Whether your dog is an athlete or a couch potato, a show dog or a pound puppy, conditioning is one area of rehabilitation that every dog could benefit from. You will see great improvement in your dog's ability to move, willingness to play, and overall attitude as we work to improve joint function, improve muscle mass and condition, improve endurance and performance, and reduce pain.

Conditions commonly treated with rehabilitation include:

    • Post surgical recovery
    • Muscle conditions: sprains, tendonitis, muscle weakness
    • Disc disease
    • Joint conditions: arthritis, contractures
    • Wound management
    • Pain management
    • Circulation and edema problems
    • Weight loss/ management
    • Performance problems in the athlete

Treatments are similar to those in the human field. Many of the procedures will be performed here by our certified rehabilitator (CCRP) as well as by the owner at home. A complete program will be set up for you and your pet to offer the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Treatment Modalities:

Your pet will be examined by one of our doctors along with our CCRP to determine the best treatment. The doctor will oversee your dog's case until discharged from rehabilitation.


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Feedback from our clients

  • "The Village Vet Family has been wonderful to me ALL 38 years I've been with them. Always understanding, willing to teach me how to care for my ill pets. Always works with me in understanding the care & takes time to listen to me; even Nicki & Kerry Brown. They have a wonderful bunch working for them."
    Karen P / Google +
  • "Have gone to Village vet for sooo many years, they have always been there when we have emergencies and for regular care. Compassionate with great care always!! Dr. Frank is wonderful & so are all the vets & staff!!"
    Nancy Herzog / Google +