Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects, including improved healing time, increased circulation, pain reduction, and decreased swelling.

Laser Therapy and Your Pet

How can Laser Therapy help your pet? Watch this video:

How does Laser Therapy stimulate recovery on a cellular level? Watch this video:

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Conditions where Laser Therapy can help:

    • Post-Surgical Pain
    • Muscle Strains
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Burns
    • Chronic Wounds
    • Joint Pain
    • Rehabilitation
    • Post-Orthopedic Surgical Recovery
    • Lick Granulomas

Biological Effects of Laser Therapy:

Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

The laser light increases the energy available to the cells so that the cell can take on nutrients faster and get rid of waste products, resulting in faster repair of ligaments and muscles.

Faster Wound Healing

Laser light stimulates the development of the building blocks of collagen, which is predominant in wound healing in damaged tissue.

Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation

Laser therapy reduces the formation of scar tissue following tissue damage from cuts, scratches, burns or surgery. Scar tissue is the primary source of chronic pain.


Laser light causes vasodilation and also activates the lymphatic drainage system (drains swollen areas). As a result, there is a reduction in swelling caused by bruising or inflammation.

Anti-Pain (analgesic)

Laser therapy has a high beneficial effect on nerve cells which block pain transmitted by these cells to the brain and which decreases nerve sensitivity due to less inflammation, there is less edema and less pain.

Improved Vascular Activity

Laser light will significantly increase the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue; this speeds up the healing process, closes wounds quickly and reduces scar tissue. More blood flow equals faster healing and less pain.

Increased Metabolic Activity

Damaged cells can repair and regenerate faster.

Improved Nerve Function

Laser light will speed up the process of nerve cell reconnection and reduce nerve pain.


Photons delivered by the laser stimulate production of ATP, which is the major carrier of cell energy and the energy source for all chemical healing reactions in the cells. Long lasting pain relief occurs.

Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points

Laser therapy stimulates muscle trigger points (knots) and acupuncture points on a non- invasive basis, providing musculoskeletal pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Therapy:

Does it hurt? What does it feel like?

There is little or no sensation during treatment. Occasionally the patient feels mild, soothing warmth, or tingling. Areas of pain or inflammation may be sensitive briefly before pain reduction.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Laser therapy has been used for over twenty years by health care providers all over the world with very few side effects. Sometimes old injuries or pain syndromes may feel aggravated for a few days, as the healing response is more active after treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

A typical treatment takes 3 to 8 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

How often should a patient be treated?

Acute conditions may be treated daily, particularly if they are accompanied by significant pain. More chronic problems may be seen 2 to 3 times a week, tapering to once every week or two as improvement is seen.

How many treatments does it take?

Acute conditions may take one to two treatments, chronic conditions may require 5 to 8 (or more ) treatments. Some conditions may require ongoing periodic care to control pain.

How long before the results are felt?

Your pet may feel improvement in their condition (pain reduction) after the first treatment. Sometimes they may not feel improvement for a number of treatments. This does not mean that nothing is happening. Each treatment is cumulative and results are often felt after 3 or 4 sessions.

Can it be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Yes, including physical rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments, massage, soft tissue mobilization, electrotherapy and following surgery.


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