Pet In Hospital and Send Out Lab Testing at Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY

For immediate and accurate blood diagnostics we have in house lab that can run basic lab work on your pets.

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When our beloved pets fall ill, it can be a worrisome and challenging time for pet owners. At Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive care, including specialized lab testing services. In this essay, we will delve into the process of having a pet in the hospital and the benefits of sending out lab testing.

The Service

At Village Veterinary Hospital, we offer a range of services to ensure the well-being of your furry friends. One crucial aspect of our care is the availability of lab testing facilities. These facilities are equipped to handle a variety of diagnostic tests that play a vital role in understanding and addressing your pet’s health concerns.

Benefits of Lab Testing

Accurate Diagnoses

When your pet is admitted to our hospital, our experienced veterinary team may recommend lab testing to gain valuable insights into their condition. These tests aid in accurate diagnoses, enabling us to tailor treatment plans to your pet’s specific needs.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Lab testing allows for a comprehensive health assessment, going beyond what can be observed during a physical examination. Blood tests, urine analysis, and other diagnostic tools help us identify underlying health issues that may not be immediately apparent.

Customized Treatment Plans

By sending out lab tests, we can gather detailed information about your pet’s health, facilitating the creation of customized treatment plans. This personalized approach ensures that your pet receives the most effective care, optimizing their chances of a swift recovery.

When to Consider Lab Testing

Understanding when it’s necessary to opt for lab testing is crucial for responsible pet ownership. While routine check-ups are beneficial, there are specific situations where lab testing becomes especially important:

Unexplained Symptoms

If your pet is exhibiting unexplained symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or changes in behavior, lab testing can help pinpoint the underlying cause.

Preventive Screenings

For senior pets or those with pre-existing conditions, regular lab testing can serve as a preventive measure, detecting potential health issues before they become severe.

Post-Surgery Monitoring

After surgical procedures, lab testing may be recommended to monitor your pet’s recovery and ensure that they are healing as expected.


Taking a thorough and individualized approach is necessary to ensure the health and well-being of our pets. Our dedication to delivering high-quality treatment is evident in our lab testing services at Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, New York. With the use of these tests, we want to provide accurate and efficient treatment programs for your animal friends. You can be confident that our committed staff will go above and beyond to make sure your pet receives the care they need while they are in our hospital. Put your trust in us to work together to keep your pet happy and healthy.