Pet Pharmacy at Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY

Your furry friend’s health matters! Explore a comprehensive range of veterinary medications and supplies at our dedicated pet pharmacy.

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The health of your animal friends is our first priority at Village Veterinary Hospital. We are pleased to provide a specialized Pet Pharmacy service as part of our dedication to providing all-inclusive pet care. This service guarantees your dogs in Canastota, NY, easy access to necessary drugs.

We strive to provide you with the best prices and efficient dispensing of your pet’s medications. We are able to dispense medications here at VVH and have the option for you to buy from a trusted online store through our partner company, Vets First Choice.

Convenient Medication Solutions for Your Pets

At Village Veterinary Hospital, we recognize the value of providing your dogs with prompt, convenient access to their prescriptions. Getting your pet’s medicines filled at our on-site pet pharmacy will save you time and hassle by removing the need for you to visit another pharmacy. This service is a crucial component of our dedication to providing a one-stop shop for all of your pet’s medical requirements.

Benefits of Using Our Pet Pharmacy

  1. Personalized Care: Our experienced veterinary team takes the time to understand your pet’s unique health requirements. This personalized approach ensures that the medications prescribed are tailored to your pet’s specific needs.
  2. Convenience: By having a Pet Pharmacy on-site, we aim to make your life as a pet owner more convenient. No more separate trips to pick up your pet’s medications – it’s all here under one roof.
  3. Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s medications. We provide clear and concise instructions to ensure you administer the medications correctly and address any concerns you may have.


Our in-house pet pharmacy at Village Veterinary Hospital is a testament to our dedication to providing complete and practical healthcare options for your animals. We are your reliable partner in assuring the health of your furry family members because of our specialized approach to pet care and the convenience of having a dedicated pharmacy on-site.

Go no further than Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY, for all of your pet’s pharmaceutical requirements. To find out more about our pet pharmacy services and how we can improve the well-being and health of your pet, get in touch with us right now.