Pet X-Rays at Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY

Precise Pet X-Rays provide veterinarians with detailed insights, aiding in accurate diagnoses and ensuring optimal care for furry companions.

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We welcome you to Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota, NY, where we prioritize your pet’s health and well-being. One of the crucial diagnostic tools we offer is Pet X-rays. Let’s delve into the significance of this service, its benefits, and when it becomes essential for your furry companion.

From broken bones, looking for cancer,  trying to see what your pet might have eaten, to counting how many puppies your bred pet is to expect,  we have X-rays available for your pets at all times. We also provide OFA/ Penn hip certifications (see links below for more information):


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Understanding Pet X-Rays

Using a non-invasive diagnostic technique called pet X-rays, our knowledgeable veterinarians can see your pet’s body. We may diagnose various illnesses by taking precise pictures of the inside structures using low radiation doses. This imaging method is beneficial for looking at internal organs, joints, and bones. It gives us vital information that we may utilize to create a specific treatment plan.

Benefits of Pet X-Rays

Accurate Diagnosis

Pet X-rays enable us to pinpoint issues that may not be visible externally. Whether it’s identifying fractures, assessing organ conditions, or detecting foreign objects, these images play a pivotal role in obtaining an accurate diagnosis.

Informed Treatment Decisions

With clear visuals of your pet’s internal anatomy, our veterinarians can make informed decisions about the most effective treatment options. This ensures that your pet receives personalized care, improving the chances of a swift recovery.

Preventive Care

Pet X-rays aren’t only for diagnosing existing issues. They also play a vital role in preventive care by identifying potential problems before they escalate. Early detection allows for proactive measures, maintaining your pet’s health and preventing complications.


Our knowledgeable veterinarians can view your pet’s body with the use of pet X-rays, a non-invasive diagnostic technology. We are able to obtain precise pictures of the inside structures at low radiation levels, which helps with a variety of medical diagnostics. When checking bones, joints, and internal organs, this imaging method is beneficial since it gives us essential information that helps us create a specific treatment plan.